Bleached White Pampas Grass

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Deeply exhale and lighten any environment with these breezy white stunners. Create breathing space in the corner of any room with an effortless pop of warm white tones; these work well with one of our floor or jug vases.

Quantity: Comes in a bundle of 3 or 6 stems. Choose Between Regular (less fluffy) or Premium (more fluffy). See photo for comparisons

Colour: Depending on how each stem absorbs the bleach, the tones can vary from white to a golden white.

Dimensions: 3.75 ft

Styling Tip:  A bundle of 6 fits perfect in our top selling Jug Vase. Pampas Grass works best displayed in a narrow mouthed vase. Wanting to treat yourself? Try our Luxury Ocean Vase.

Fluffing Instructions: When shipping, the plume (the fluffy part) may become squished as it has been condensed to ensure it arrives safely. Upon receiving your order, open the box carefully and place plume in the sun or lay down product on a table and blow-dry on a low setting. This will help the plume become fluffier again. If this is a pickup or local delivery order, you can skip this step as it will be fluffed prior.

Care Tips: This is a dried/persevered item which means no water or maintenance is required. Although this product will never die, we recommend replacing it every 1-2 years as white tones may become more ivory with time due to the bleaching process.