About us!

We're Brea and Ryan Field, a husband and wife duo from London, Ontario. We created this business to meet the incredible demand we found for pampas grass and natural home decor products when we launched our first business, Boho Weddings. Our favourite part of building this dream together has been the amazing community of people we've come to know and love-- YOU! 

Our life together has been a series of giant "Wow!" moments strung together one after another. I mean, we first became friends during a botched apartment move-in, where I (Brea) wound up apartment-less, eventually leading me to an incredibly different situation-- one where we got married only a few months later, living in the gorgeous home found after the botched move. Every time we face a challenge, we press in and find the beauty and wonder on the other side. And this time, the "Wow" happens every day, as we get to see each other in our element-- creating, innovating, planning, dreaming, and achieving-- all because we didn't settle with the standard the world gave us. We chose to start something that was all our own, and we are far from done. If you've been with us for even a minute, you'll know that we constantly challenge ourselves to meet the level of enthusiasm our customers have! We haven't "settled down" since we met, and definitely aren't about to start now. So enjoy our website, our products, and our amazing customer service -- but don't look away, because if you do, you might miss our next "Wow!"

Brea & Ryan,
The Two Field's.

Our Mission

We capture the beauty of nature in our unique home decor, staying at the forefront of home trends. We design our pieces to cultivate an atmosphere of peace with a touch of cozy!

Our Vision

To bring a touch of nature and beauty to all homes around the world.


  • Creativity
  • Peace
  • Community
  • Excellence
  • Passion