Large Champagne Pampas Grass

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Cheers to charmingly preserved pampas with delicately toasted tones that capture the enchanting effervescence of a sparkling glass of champs. These beauties are the belle of the ball, a true showstopper, so go ahead and feel fancy with our fullest and fluffiest pampas. 

Quantity: Comes in a bundle of 3 stems

Choose between our regular champagne pampas or premium champagne! Both measure 3.75-4 feet in length. Premium champagne is much fluffier than our regular champagne. See photos to see the comparison between our standard and premium pampas types!

Colour: Champagne

Dimensions: 44-48”

Styling Tip: Complete the look by placing the pampas in a jug vase. They look stunning lining the isle of a wedding & are great for photo shoots.

* Tip: the wider the mouth of the vase, the more pampas you will need.